The Essence of Hills & Backwaters

Duration : (04 Days / 03 Nights)


The first thing that strikes your mind when you think about Kerala is its unique and world famous backwaters. Backwaters in this Kollam-Backwater6heavenly state are a unique network of lagoons, rivers, lakes and inlets that is exclusively found only here. Hence it is a major tourist attraction of the state and a major source of livelihood for the people. The captivating beauty of the backwaters, dotted with coconut and palm trees definitely attracts your senses. Calm and serene environment of the backwaters surrounded by greenery and inhabited by some of the most hospitable people makes a once in life time experience.

One of the most enchanting holiday destinations in India, Kerala is known for its heavenly ambience. Munnar is famous for its rolling hills, tea plantations, beautiful lake, gardens and wildlife parks. A special thrill of visiting Kerala is a ride on a houseboat, made in traditional Kerala style.

Land and water share a special kinship in Kerala. This land that is supposed to have sprung in front of the sea still basking in the tender care giving water, slowly recovering at his side, cascading down its hills and valleys and rest quietly in the ponds and exotic lagoons. There are different Kerala along these ponds, thrilling with its own unique culture. For you as a visitor to Kerala, this can be an incredibly different experience just floating on the water business in a country and absorbing this unusual representation of Kerala of the ‘life s.

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