Auli Auli in the Indian state of Uttarakhand is renowned for the fascinating ski resorts and stunning natural vistas. Bounded by the snowy peaks of the mighty Himalayas, this hilly terrain offers the enchanting sceneries of oak fringed slopes and coniferous forests. At an average height of 2800 meters, this might be the single spot where the visitors would get the unusual opportunity of a nice promenade. Walking through the misty slope provides one with the imposing spectacles of some of the lofty mountain ranges like Nanda Devi, Mana Paravat and Kamat Kamet. Besides these snowy miracles, the boulevards through the slopes offers marvelous views of gorgeous apple orchards and fine deodar trees, which make ones morning, stride a precious experience.

Auli proffers a credible past that dates back to the 8th century. It is believed that this pretty locale is blessed with the sacred visit of Sankaracharya. As a toddler in the tourism arena, Auli proffers an unspoiled ambiance. The harsh frosty storms, the sylvan peaks and the long stretch of snowy valleys would make idyllic surroundings for a skier. Aptly called as the haven for skiing activities, this hilly resort is turned to be the only tourist destination where skiing is the most sought after past time. The erstwhile training ground of the Indo-Tibetan Police Force, Auli has gained the status of a popular hill resort within a short span of time. The sheer inclines of Auli are a hot spot of courageous men who dare to explore the demanding environs. The snowcapped mountain ranges, the screech of the winds and the entertaining skiing, Auli is bestowed with all that is enough to thrill the onlookers. The nature at its full bloom gives a feeling of an awe inspiring time, which cannot be wiped out from our wildest dreams.

Places to Visit

Gurso Bugyal :

Gurso Bugyal 3km trek from Auli will lead you to the picturesque Gurso Bugyal. Views of the imposing Himalayas like Nanda Devi, Trishul and Dron parvat are invigorating from Gurso Bugyal. Gurso Bugyal transforms to a green pastureland during spring season and wears sheets of snow during the winters. Perched at an elevation of 3,056mts above sea level Gurso Bugyal has mixed forest of oak and conifer. Gurso bugyal is only 1.5km from the last tower of Gondola ropeway.

Chattrakund :

Chattrakund It is small lake holding crystal clear water. Chattrakund is situated just 1km ahead of Gurso Bugyal. Located amidst jungle this mysterious lake showers us with fairy tale surroundings. Surrounded by a dense forest, the lake holds sweet water.

Chenab Lake :

​Chenab LakeOne must pass through the last village of Joshimath, Dang Village to reach Chenab Lake. The place is still unknown with most number of tourists and it is quite inaccessible by motorable roads. Therefore, Chenab Lake does not see much of tourists, but the virginity of this place makes it an enchanting spot.

Trishul Peak :

​Trishul Peak One of the most ski-friendly ranges of Auli, the legendary Trishul peak is 23,490 feet high. Even before the ski resort tourism marked its debut on the slopes of Auli, the Trishul and other Auli peaks were used by the ski-equipped patrolling officers of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force as a training ground. It is said that in a 1958 expedition to scale the Trishul Peak, it took the mountaineers four days to climb and just 90 minutes to ski down to their base camp. There is a lake, Roopkand, at the bottom of the slopes of Trishul Peak. It is also known as the mystery lake because over 600 skeletal remains of humans and horses were discovered from here.

Joshimath :

The revered sage Adi Shankaracharya is believed to have wandered and gained enlightenment in Joshimath. There are two famous temples, Narsingh and Garuda temple, to visit in Joshimath. Another attraction is the Amar Kalp tree which is believed to be some 2,500 years old. One can also check out the hot springs of Tapovan located at a distance of 14 kms from Joshimath and 32 kms from Auli. Joshimath is the home of Shri Badrinath during winters. Joshimath is connected with Auli by highest cable car of Asia. Joshimath is situated at an elevation of 1,890mts above sea level. Do visit Kalpavriksha and Narsingh temple while a visit to Joshimath. It is situated 14kms from Joshimath.

​Nanda Devi National Park :

​Nanda Devi National Park​The Nanda Devi National park is located at a distance of 41 kms from Auli. Adorned with beautiful environs and abundant flora and fauna including Brahma- kamal and Bharal, it is a major attraction four tourists who come to Auli. Not more than two groups of visitors are allowed to move in the park in a day. The maximum limit for a week is four groups of visitors. Visitors are accompanied by a registered guide. The terrain is hilly and tough, so, visitors should take care to take all the precautionary steps.

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